Environment conscious Nairobians will be spending the Madaraka Day weekend at the Aberdares on a tree planting mission.

A road trip that has been organised by Miti Alliance alongside Turn Up will see adventurous city dwellers spend the day at the edge of the Aberdares known as Mucharage forest.

The group is targeting to plant 1000 trees by the end of day then embark on a journey back to the city. Those attending have contributed money for seedlings and well-wishers have also donated money to the Miti Alliance to help meet the 1000 seedlings target.



This will be the second tree planting road trip organised by Miti Alliance after last year the group planted 500 trees in the same Mucharage Forest area.

The group has been monitoring the growth of the seedlings planted in 2018 and hopes to increase the forest cover more this year.

The Aberdares Ranges are the catchment areas for Ndakaini Dam that provides water to Nairobians.

Last year, the Ranges saw declined rainfall which resulted in low water levels at Ndakaini Dam and consequently water rationing in Nairobi.

SOURCE: Nairobi News