This World Environment Day 5th June 2024, we are inviting you, to celebrate nature’s incredible potential for regeneration. We’re particularly excited to highlight the transformative impact of *Miyawaki Forests*. One such forest is our special Woodland Star Miyawaki forest that turned one in March 2024.

Woodland Star Miyawaki Forest

Michael takes measurements of the 1 year old Miywaki Forest.

What are Miyawaki Forests?

Developed by Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, Miyawaki forests are a method of afforestation or reforestation that aims to create dense, native forests in a short period of time. This technique involves planting a variety of native plant species closely together in a small area. The close spacing and diversity of species help to mimic the structure and biodiversity of natural forests. As a result, they become thriving “super forests” in just a few short years.

Woodland Star Miyawaki forest

The Remarkable Impact of Miyawaki Forests:

  • Protecting Biodiversity: Providing a haven for diverse plant and animal life, Miyawaki forests enrich the surrounding environment.
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide at impressive rates, they help mitigate climate change and improve air quality
  • Preventing Soil Erosion: Dense root networks stabilize the soil, preventing erosion from rains and floods.
  • Water Conservation:These forests help retain rainwater, contributing to a healthier water cycle.
  • Health and wellness:  Vibrant landscapes promote human well-being and offer recreational opportunities.


This is a visual of the preperation for planting of the miyawaki forest in March 2023.

Woodland star Miyawaki Forest


Below is a visual of the forest at 1 yr old.

woodland miyawaki forest

We invite you to join us in championing this incredible way for restoring landscapes naturally and quickly.

You can read more on another Miyawaki Forest here: Tree Museums – Miti Alliance