Greening Kenya,
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We believe the children are our future. Teaching the younger generation to plant and grow trees is our solution for a greener Kenya.

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We deliver solutions that are transformational, educative and sustainable

– Michael Waiyaki, Founder & CEO

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We're Doing Something About It.

Miti Alliance is a registered social enterprise in Kenya. Our work is focused on Environmental Education through empowering and equipping the current and next generation of conservationists. Our Miti Schools Program focuses on empowering and equipping school-going children with knowledge, skills and understanding of climate change issues with a bias to planting and growing trees, specifically fruit and indigenous trees.

We provide consultancy and management services for tree-growing projects and actively advocate for conservation and regeneration of the environment through our media channels. We also manage an indigenous tree nursery and 2 training centers to teach others about tree growing, conservation and sustainability.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to sustain life”
Miti Alliance aims to mitigate climate change by forming positive mindsets towards the environment. We work to empower communities through environmental education and the promotion of green livelihoods.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where the balance of nature is restored and the health of our planet is maintained through the collective efforts of informed and empowered individuals.

Our Programmes

Miti Alliance - Schools Programme

Miti Schools Programme

“Shaping mindsets”

Our flagship program involves working with schools to set up tree nurseries, plant trees within the school and run training programs for the students.

Miti Tree Museums

Protecting Biodiversity

As Miti Alliance we strongly believe in preserving biodiversity and preserving our rare and indigenous tree species. 

Miti Alliance in collaboration with environment clubs
Miti Alliance Kitchen garden

Miti Kitchen Garden

“Green livelihoods”

We need food security across Kenya and Africa. By understanding #foodsecurity concerns we work towards empowering schools and communities on how to grow food sustainably through permaculture practices.

Upcoming Event

World Environment Day Celebrations

Dates: June 3th & 4th 2023

Location: Miti Tree Museum

Michael Waiyaki - Founder of Miti Alliance

Our Impact

Trees Planted

Children Impacted

Schools participating

Counties covered

Our Shop

Our tree seedlings are for sale at reasonable prices and are ready for planting in the forest or at home in your own compound.

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What an experience for us as Miti Alliance team and the ACK Kirangari Primary community this has been! Miti Alliance team started working in the school in July 2022  to implement our Miti Schools. Our goal is always to transform the mindsets of the students while...

When the beat drops the heat drops

When the beat drops the heat drops

The ShokeShoke festival is just around the corner!  The festival is set to happen from 2nd to 4th March at KICC. The goal of the festival is to plant a tree for every ticket  bought an initiative by Mwanaume Ni Effort(MNE) Green division. Mwanaume Ni Effort (MNE) is...

Locally-led climate solutions in Kenya

Locally-led climate solutions in Kenya

The Horn of Africa is being hit by the worst drought in four decades, putting up to 20 million people at risk of famine, according to the UN. Consecutive seasons of below-average rains are severely impacting food security in areas already beset by multiple other...

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