For the past three incredible years, Miti Alliance has had the privilege of collaborating with Cittadinanza Onlus, Regione Emilione, and the Koinonia Community to embark on a remarkable community projects in the heart of Kawangware and Kibera. This projects have been crafted to benefit children living with disabilities and their families.

Our journey together commenced with a project we aptly named Spark 1. The focal point of Spark 1 was a comprehensive farming and nutrition program and our overarching goal was to empower these devoted caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate food within the confines of their limited spaces, all while emphasizing the  importance of optimal nutrition for children under their care.

kitchen gardens

Under this project we were able to establish flourising urbans gardens in the centre and also the care-givers homes. Extensive training sessions were conducted, focusing on nutrition for the children.

nutrition training

Following the conclusion of Spark 1, we embarked on an even more ambitious journey with Spark 2, commencing in January 2021 and Project Possible in 2022. These transformational projects were crafted to provide holistic support to care-givers, encompassing psychosocial care, nutrition, empowerment, and reproductive health training. They were structured around four pivotal components:

1) Reproductive Health  & Nutrition Training: Our mission was to empower caregiver with vital knowledge and insights into reproductive health, ensuring they had the tools to make informed decisions about their well-being. We also worked to equip caregivers with the skills and understanding to provide optimal nutrition for their children.

3) Nutritional Interventions & Food Support: For children facing severe malnutrition, we implemented personalized coaching sessions. The journey began with comprehensive health assessments, followed by 6,12, 18 & 24 week follow-up evaluations. During the follow-ups, we provided the caregivers with protein-rich food packages to supplement the children’s feeding.

nutrition consultation

4) Distribution of Re-usable Diapers & Sanitary Towels: As part of our commitment to sustainability and economic empowerment, we distributed reusable diapers and sanitary towels. The uptake of these resources among the care-givers was actually very impressive.

As we reflect on the past three years and the profound impact we’ve made, we are grateful for the unwavering support and collaboration from our partners. Together, we have sown seeds of knowledge, nurtured growth, and cultivated brighter futures for these remarkable children and their caregivers. Our journey continues, and we remain committed to fostering positive change within the communities we serve.

Asante sana Cittadinanza Onlus, Koinonia Communtiy and Regione Emilia Romagna!