I am sure by now many of us know what bitcoin is? Simply put, it is digital currency. For us at Miti Alliance it was an intresting oportunity to learn more about it through our recent partnership with Binance Kenya.  Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world.

Miti + Binance

Binance Kenya approached us as they wanted to be part of greening Kenya one tree at a time through our schools program. They graciously agreed to sponsor the Miti School Program in Kamandura Prmary School Limuru. The project kicked off on the 25th of September 2023. and we began working closely with the School administration to prepare the grounds. The actual tree planting was scheduled for the 29th of September 2023. 

The goal of the tree planting was to improve the school environment and educate the pupils on the importance of planting and growing trees. 

Miti Alliance + Binance: 3 main objectives for the project:

  1. To plant 200 high-value indigenous trees and 100 woodland trees within the school compound. A total of 300 trees.
  2. To hold practical training sessions with the pupils on planting and growing trees. We sucessfully trained 309 students in the course of the week. 
  3. To engage the Binance Team and volunteer network on Tree planting, equipping them with skills on planting and growing trees. 

Miti + Alliance

As Miti Alliance, our emphasis is on not only planting the trees but also GROWING them for the long run.

The actual tree planting day was a hive of activity, the Binance team ensure the learners were well entertained with music and games. They even went a step further to provide snacks as well as a a brief mentoring session for the students.

The Miti team also took the opportunity to showcase the importance of  conservation  through our VR kits. The learners were so excited to experience nature in 3D!

Miti + Binance

All in all, working with Binance was a joy, it was a refreshing reminder of the power of partnerships in shaping a better Kenya and better generations to come!

To learn more about Binance, check out their website here

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