One of life’s simple pleasures is waking up to the view of the Mt. Kenya. It is truly breathtaking and as Miti Alliance, we are committed to supporting biodiversity on the Moutain and its surrounding ecosystem.

In March 2023, the Miti Alliance team visited 8 schools around our Miti Tree Museum in Naromoru to plant trees and educate the students on their role in conservation and the importance of their efforts.

Miti Tree Museum is our 2nd nursery & training site based in Naromoru, Mt Kenya region. Here we have planted 160 species of rare indigenous trees. Our aim is to preserve biodiversity by protecting indigenous species that are becoming rare and endangered in the area due to constant logging .

Educating school children on the environment ; familiarizing them with tree species and their uses is at the core of theMiti Schools program. Our goal is not only to plant trees but also educate the students on how to look after the trees in the long term and become enviroment champions in the community.

Through our partnership with milkywire we were able to plant 800 trees. 100 trees per school in 8 schools. The highlight of the day was the projected video trainings for the students to learn about protecting the forests and why they need to do this. The students also got to experience VR sessions on wildlife and also took home seedballs to distribute in empty lands.

The team got the opportunity to plant trees and educate students in:

  • Irigathathi primary School
  • Gitero Primary School
  • Mutero Primary School
  • Kiboya Primary School
  • Gatuanyaga Primary School
  • St Elizabeth Verndramini Children’s Home
  • Kahuho Primary School
  • Macharia Primary School

Protecting trees and forests starts with us!

Many thanks to the teachers and students in the schools for their support and cooperation making this project a success.

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