This week, we are talking about empowering children to conserve biodiversity and the environment. It is what Miti Alliance has been doing for the last nine years.

Miti Alliance is a social enterprise focusing on planting and growing trees across schools, forests, communities aimed at planting five million trees by 2025

 In 2020, the Miti alliance worked with 71 Schools, planted 50 kitchen gardens, trained 80 youths & women, and planted 10200 tree seedlings via the Miti Schools program, and distributed 81000 seed balls.

Miti Alliance teaches children to plant and grow trees in their schools. In addition, they are collecting indigenous forest knowledge from the older generation and literature and passing it on to these younger generations.

The knowledge seeds planted in these children today become the trees that hold tomorrow’s ecosystem in a world warming fastest every decade due to human activities such as deforestation, coal production, land-use change, among others.

Already the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warns that there is no time left as the world has warmed exponentially due to human activities. 

I caught up with founder Michael Waiyaki the Miti Alliance founder at Gikambura primary school in Kenya’s Kiambu County. He has been working with the pupils and teachers to set up a drip-irrigated kitchen garden.

SOURCE: Africa Climate Conversations