If there is something that has become a ‘thing’ for Miti Alliance the last few years is our world environment day celebrations that happen the 1st weekend of June every year

World environment day (WED) is celebrated worldwide on the 5th of June and it is all about increasing awareness and action towards our environment.

Here at Miti Alliance, we like to celebrate it with a road trip to our tree museum in Naru Moru, Nyeri County, Kenya. The tree museum was officially launched during our 1st WED celebration in 2021. The museum is set up on 4 acres and to date has about 160 rare and indigenous species growing as well as a thriving Miyawaki forest. Every WED celebration involves planting  more indigenous species & other fun activites. Check out a video of WED 2022 here:

WED 2022

The 2023 WED celebrations will be slightly different this time.  We have managed to set up our very own camp ground, so for WED 2023, you will get to camp at the tree museum!!! 

We will also have several other activities like:

  • Tree planting of indegnous rare species
  • Learning all about Beekeeping and setting up beehives
  • Sunset walk
  • A visit to Mt. Kenya Naru Moru Gate
  • Forest Bathing & A Waterfall swim
  • Star-gazing and starlight night movie screening
  • & much more….

Mt Kenya & Waterfall visit

Morning View

This a WED you dont want to miss!  Be sure to carry warm clothes, hiking boots and lots of energy!

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