The ShokeShoke festival is just around the corner!  The festival is set to happen from 2nd to 4th March at KICC. The goal of the festival is to plant a tree for every ticket  bought an initiative by Mwanaume Ni Effort(MNE) Green division.

Mwanaume Ni Effort (MNE) is an urban lifestyle brand that started off as urban merchandise and digital content to now organizing memorable events whose pillars are Education, Environment and Enjoyment. 

The ShokeShoke festival is Sustainable, Eco-friendly festival whereby apart from the (One Ticket Sold One Tree Planted) initiative in collaboration with Miti Alliance, they are promoting No Single Use Plastic policy by providing tumblers for use in the event and after.

Miti Alliance had the honor of hosting the ShokeShoke Festival Marketing team at our Tree Nursery for a tour and Environmental training session. The team of 20 members participated in various physical activities at the nursery like planting cape mahogany seeds and vegetables in the greenhouse. 

MNE Director Bari, Anita Soina Founder Spice Warriors and CEO Miti Alliance Michael Waiyaki  planted an Acacia Tortilis to mark the day and partnership. 

Click on the link below to view the activities of the day:

MNE Director Bari explained that the goal of the project was to use entertainment  to influence behavorial change  by the  fusion of social impact and enjoyment;  because of the rapid effects of climate change being experienced not only Kenya but the world at large.

A MITI Saturdays  Session normally entails the following:

  1. Know Your Tree- tree species : identification, uses & indigenous knowledge
  2. Planting a kitchen garden(tips & tricks)
  3. Making your soil happy(soil improvement techniques)
  4. Permaculture basics
  5. Vermiculture – (growing worms)
  6. Getting rid of your pests organically
  7. Making a good use of your waste – compost systems

Sign up for a Know Your Tree Saturday session at Miti Alliance Nursery by booking your slot on the link  below: