The problem: Trees take up only 7% of land across Kenya, and because of inadequate environmental training, the side effects look grim. Deforestation could completely wipe out the vibrant landscape of the East African country, leading to severe climate threats.

The solution: Bôhten, in partnership with Miti Alliance, is working with schools across Kenya to educate children on sustainable and transformational habits that could positively impact their livelihoods for years to come

The initiative shares Bôhten’s long-held vision to create a positive impact on peoples’ lives by reducing our carbon footprint. Through environmentally-friendly products, workshops, seminars and eco-savvy lifestyles, we are proud to partner with Miti Alliance that supports our mission to be greener everyday.

“When you understand the importance of conserving the environment in the formative years, you are more likely to embrace it when you are older,” said Michael Waiyaki, Founder of Miti Alliance. “Ownership is really important to us, and with teaching children how to plant trees, we know that the future will be secure”

SOURCE: Bohten