Every so often in our work, we encounter young boys and girls who make our labour every bit worth it. Watching them own and internalise the ethos of The Miti School Program is the most rewarding part of our work! It affirms to us that environmental education is a powerful tool to rewrite the future!


Meet *Martin, a young man in grade 5 at ACK Karura Primary. He was a part of the Miti Schools Program thanks to I & M Foundation who sponsored 10 schools in Kiambu County. After attending 3 training sessions from our Miti Schools Curriclum, he was so excited to put what he learnt into practice. He went ahead and started a mini tree nursery in his rented homestead. Using seeds most readily available to him: avocado seeds and did the entire process of setting up a little nursery. His level of proactivity was impressive. Kudos *Martin!

Environmental Education

Young Man Tending His Tree

Another encouraging story was that of *Sharon from Njumbi primary school also in Kiambu County. She was so exicted to learn how to properly plant trees, that during the tree planting session she indentified her very own tree and proceeded to carry water from home everyday to water it. She was so invested that the few days she was out of school, she would send her brother with water from home to water her tree! Another kudos to you *Sharon!

Environmental Education

Watering Her Tree

These stories are just examples of the power of environmental education in school communites. These young ones will definetly be the environmental champions of the future ( MITI CHAMPIONS) and we at MITI are priviledged to be a part of their stories!

We are grateful to I&M foundation for sponsoring this project and nurturing these MITI CHAMPTIONS. Hongera!

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* names have been changed to protect the privacy of the learners.