Over the last five years, cycling has gained traction on the streets of Nairobi and its environs. The city is gradually becoming home to cycling enthusiasts. For some, it has become their means of transport; others use it to keep fit while a large number have also taken to it as a competitive sport. It is on this backdrop that as a cycling community, we recognize the efforts being put in place towards inclusivity for all road users.

We felt that this was an opportune time to hold a race on the streets of Nairobi with the aspirations of making Nairobi and Kenya at large, a cycling destination for enthusiasts, showcasing the efforts going towards better public transport inclusion and reduced fuel emissions as we work towards a cleaner environment and improved public transport system and health of the city’s residence.

The race provided a day of cycling on 1st December, where cyclists ranging from children, recreational, and professional cyclists graced the streets of Nairobi.The event encouraged participation from cyclists through corporate teams racing, as well as serving as an opportunity for elite, professional, amateur and recreational cyclists within the sport to compete against some of the best competition from the region. This event was poised to become a marquee event for both spectators and athletes. Based on the existing cyclist database, we forecast substantial participants and spectators, with exposure increasing with the success of the event in years to come. We were excited to use this event to raise funds towards improving forest cover in Mt. Kenya Forest in partnership with Miti Alliance. To finance this, we sought sponsorship from institutions which went towards logistics, prize money, tree seedlings and mark the start to building professional cycling teams.
Based on attendance of other races organized in the country which bring together over 400 participants and following the monthly critical Mass event which happens on a monthly basis and has an average of over 400 participants, we envisioned participation of at least 1,000 elite and recreational riders willing to take up the challenge. This included a family fun ride which created a rare opportunity where families were collectively involved on the streets of Nairobi in a secure space.

To achieve this, we held a road cycling race dubbed; “The Grand Nairobi Bike Race” on 1st December 2019.

SOURCE: The Grand Nairobi Bike Race