Our 2022 SUGi Impact Report is now published. 🌱📈🌳Watch to celebrate all that we’ve grown together. We planted our first pocket forest in Beirut, Lebanon in May 2019. Today there are 142 SUGi Pocket Forests helping to rewild urban areas globally, whilst giving local communities a window into Nature’s restorative potential. It has been a great joy to watch young and old come together, including over 19,600 children in 80 schools, to plant and create the learning sites for future generations. 2022 was a wild and wonderful year. We introduced the SUGi Forest Consultancy practice, the inaugural SUGi Photography Competition, and the SUGi Sister Forests program. This comprehensive report is dedicated to the symbiosis between native forest communities and all the incredible human beings who work with us to restore the web of life, and with it, a sense of hope and delight at the beauty which can be created when we work in harmony with one another. Download your copy to get full details on all our Pocket Forestshttps://www.sugiproject.com/blog/sugi-impact-report-2022