“Justice, Leadership, and Governance In The Face Of Climate Change” – these words aren’t mere buzzwords but rather a carefully crafted theme for the Kenya Universities Debate Championship (KUDC) that encapsulates a profound commitment to addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. 

In the words of the Head Convener, “We were on a quest to find green initiatives that harmonised with our theme of climate action and justice, all while championing the involvement of young advocates. The work of  Miti Alliance was nothing short of inspirational and perfectly complemented our vision, which extends beyond the annual KUDC tournaments into unconventional realms of advocacy.”


Upon reading their proposal we invited them to our nursery where we do most of our work. The meeting of some of the young men and lady behind KUDC and our team members was a meeting of Kindred Spirits. They shared their proposal and dreams for the championship, leaving an indelible impression. Confidence radiated from their every word, and their eagerness to learn was palpable. They extended to us an invitation to the Women’s Open, dubbed ‘Athena’ (Yes, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft) an event held prior to the championship, which was a clever demonstration of their proof of concept, aiming to encourage more young women to engage in debate and later at the KUDC.

The Kenya Universities Debate Championship can be aptly summarized in three words: heated, inspiring, and futuristic. The atmosphere in those debate rooms was akin to a crucible of intellectual stimulation. The debaters, well-versed and deeply passionate, defended their motions with fervour. It became clear why university students have historically posed a formidable challenge to established governments; their zeal, passion, and profound understanding of the issues facing the nation and the world at large were nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Miti + KUDC

An excited and engaged crowd

Beyond the debates, the championship also featured public speaking rounds. Here, participants delivered speeches aligned with the championship theme. Attending these speeches was akin to experiencing a TED Talk in the heart of Juja. Participants spoke with unwavering passion, exploring novel ideas, and, in the true spirit of persuasive orators, swayed the audience with their eloquence. If there had been an election that day, I would have had a President and a full cabinet on the spot. Such was the persuasive power of these young orators.

Forums like the Kenya Universities Debate Championship are so important in a world facing the formidable challenges of the effects of climate change, injustice, poor leadership and governance. We are no longer allowed to look at justice, leadership, governance and climate change as abstract ideals but the very essence of a brighter tomorrow.

Miti Alliance is very proud to have partnered with and participated in the inaugural KUDC event to bring together the first-of-its-kind national debate championship in the country and we would be happy to do it again.


Susan of Miti Alliance gives her speech

Tomorrow is finally here, and the youth are leading!

Susan Maina