This World Environment Day (WED) – 2 June 2022 was a special one because we got to launch a very exciting partnership with Organix LTD! We have been friends with the team from Organix for a while now and have shared many synergies. Organix LTD are PASSIONATE about regenerative and sustainable agriculture, they share with us a strong focus not just on planting trees, but on growing them for the long haul.

Organix CEO Aasit, hands over donation to Miti CEO Michael

Having been founded over 24 years ago, Organix is “the farmer’s environmental friend”. They are producers of super-effective soil inputs that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, have low pre-harvest intervals, and can be used on a wide range of crops without causing harm to beneficial organisms. They work tirelessly to provide safe agriculture, safe alternatives leading to a safe environment and safety for employees.

Miti Alliances and Organix Limited share very similar values and it is on this basis that Organix Limited chose Miti Alliance as one of the beneficiaries of their 1% for the planet donations (monetary and product donations). These funds and products will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal of sustaining life through our various programs.

1% for the planet

To mark the launch of our partnership, the team from Organix LTD joined us to celebrate World Environment Day 2022 at the tree museum in Naru Moru on 2nd June 2022. On this day, we planted an additional 176 indigenous trees and shrubs in the museum.

We planted these trees using a water conservation product from Organix called Absorber. Absorber is extremely beneficial in tree planting; It helps to increase the survival rate and healthy growth of trees through continuous availability of water and nutrient in the root zone. In a place like Naru Moru, we are certain that the use of absorber will increase our tree survival rate SIGNIFICANTLY!

We also planted 18 apple trees, 9 of which we treated with various Organix products, and another 9 that were planted conventionally. Keep your eyes peeled to our social media platforms to see how these trees do and more of our activities together.

To learn more about Organix LTD and their products check them out here.