What an experience for us as Miti Alliance team and the ACK Kirangari Primary community this has been!

Miti Alliance team started working in the school in July 2022  to implement our Miti Schools. Our goal is always to transform the mindsets of the students while equipping them with environmental skills for sustainability. This project was proudly made possible by Lush via their regenerative fund.

The Miti Schools program entails the setup of a kitchen garden, fruit orchard and tree nursery. We also conduct indigenous tree planting sessions and environmental training. We mentor the students and monitor the progress of the project regularly as all our programs are tailored towards achieving sustainability.

Students planting strawberries

ACK Kirangari  Primary School was selected as it achieved the criteria for the Miti Schools program, which entails:

  • Adequate space for a syntropic agroforestry project
  • Regular access to water
  • A fence surrounding the school
  • A caretaker incharge of security
  • An active agriculture/enviroment club with an engaged teacher in charge. 

This criteria is meant to guarantee the sustainability of the project.  

The students were very enthusiatic and participated in the process of setting up the kitchen garden and the vertical gardens. They participated in planting a variety of vegetables, strawberries, herbs and fruit trees along the vegetable beds. They also set up a composting system.

To spice things up we also included VR sessions showcasing the natural environment, wildlife and conservation. We even distributed seedballs which totally excited the learners!

ACK Kirangari kitchen garden
6 Month Follow-up Report

During our 6 month follow-up we were pleased to see that the school has been walking the talk! The environment club members have taken active responsibility of tending to the garden such that all the trees are surviving and are 1.5m tall.

The school has been harvesting vegetables regularly which are then used in the feeding program for the needy students and the teachers lunch meal. The students have been innovative and added extra sections for maize, beans, carrots, and arrowroots in the garden for their other class projects.

The success of this particular Miti School Program has been as a result of the immense support and dedication shown by the teachers while the students themselves have also take full ownership of the project. 

Once again a massive shoutout to Lush Refund for sponsoring an amazing projet that has had a super positive impact on the  ACK Kirangari Primary School community.

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