In May 2022, Miti Alliance established a collaborative partnership with PalmHouse Dairies with the primary objective of enhancing their farmers’ understanding of agroforestry. This joint effort resulted in the donation of 2000 indigenous and exotic tree seedlings to farmers and facilitating their tree-planting initiatives on their respective lands.

Then in 2023, Palm House Diaries via Miti Alliance donated a further 750 avocado tree seedlings to their network of farmers in Githunguri. The primary objective of this endeavour being to empower farmers with an additional avenue for income through avocado cultivation, coupled with education about the prevailing avocado market dynamics.

Before distributing the Avocado tree seedlings, the Miti Alliance team conducted a comprehensive tree-planting demonstration, aimed at educating the farmers about the proper techniques for planting and nurturing trees during both the initial planting phase and subsequent growth stages.

Miti + Palmhouse

Capacity Building and Training:

Miti Alliance actively engaged in capacity-building efforts for farmers associated with Palm House Diaries, covering various facets of tree planting and agroforestry practices. We covered the following essential areas of agroforesty with the farmers:

  1. Precise Techniques for Planting and Cultivating Trees: Detailed guidance on the correct methods and approaches for planting and nurturing trees the avocao trees.
  2. Enhancing Soil Fertility: Insights into methods to improve soil quality and fertility for optimal tree growth.
  3. Tree Maintenance and Post-Planting Care: Strategies for the ongoing care and maintenance of trees to ensure their healthy growth.
  4. Effective Pest Management: Understanding and implementation of pest management techniques to safeguard tree health.
  5. Economic Advantages of Agroforestry: Education about the economic benefits associated with agroforestry practices.
  6. Avocado Harvesting Seasons: The primary season spans from April to August, characterised by abundant harvest. The early season occurs from November to December, with limited harvest due to flowering trees
Miti + Palmhouse

A freshly planted avocado tree

We were pleased to witness the enthusiasm of the farmers in exploring avocado farming. This enthusiastic response solidifies our belief that avocado cultivation presents a promising agroforestry crop. Beyond providing an additional source of income for the farmers, this endeavour holds the potential to significantly contribute to climate change mitigation.

Miti + Palmhouse

Thank you Palmhouse for taking part in mitigating climting change and green Kenya one tree at a time!

You can learn more about Palmhouse Diaires here: Palmhouse Dairies – Experience the Natural