Klarna’s newest investor A$AP Rocky didn’t waste any time getting on board with our recently-launched GiveOne sustainability initiative. The artist and philanthropist pledged 1% of his investment to benefit impactful planet health projects focusing on climate and biodiversity.

Rocky personally chose to support The Miti Alliance in Kenya. Founded by environmentalist Michael Waiyaki, the grassroots organization set a goal to plant millions of trees while educating and engaging school children to serve as environmental stewards for future generations.

When told of Rocky’s investment, Waiyaki, who has been planting trees for the past nine years, was ecstatic. “That is big news, I should bring one of the trees to celebrate,” he said, raising a sapling overhead trophy-style. “Thank you so, so much. That is such exciting news. This means so much to us. I really, really appreciate it, and I’m super grateful.”

Waiyaki outlined how deforestation and climate change are dangerously linked.

“Most of the rivers that we had here in the country have dried up, if that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is,” he said. “Our forests are really reducing. The more you cut down trees—number one—you cause soil erosion. The other thing has been the changing climatic conditions, causing a change in the rainfall pattern. If this is consistently done, we affect the animals in their habitat.  Elephants, the bees that pollinate our flowers and our food. Even the rhinos are going extinct. We cannot leave things as they are.”

Trees are critical not only to wildlife but to humans as well as trees absorb 30% of global CO2 emissions yearly, and are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Planting and protecting trees may be our best ally in the fight against climate change.

With financial support, Waiyaki can hire the necessary personnel to expand the work of the Miti Alliance to facilitate the planting of more trees and the education of more people.

The impact from Rocky’s contribution will be tracked on his behalf in the coming months and years.

Check back for more exciting updates about Rocky’s partnership with Klarna.

About GiveOne
Earlier this year, Klarna launched its global Giveone.com platform, bringing to life a 1% pledge for the planet. As part of the initiative, Klarna allocated 1% of its latest $1bn funding round – a total of $10M – to initiatives supporting the planet. The donation will focus on backing initiatives tackling the most pressing challenges around climate change and loss of biodiversity. A curated committee of experts will facilitate the process of selecting impactful solutions globally to be funded through the pledge. The framework will be made available to the public, in the hope to inspire other growth and pre-IPO companies to follow suit and support solving today’s planetary crisis.

To allow consumers to participate in the action, Klarna will offer them the opportunity to donate to the same projects and more through a donation integration in Klarna’s products powered by Milkywire, a tech platform for impact.

SOURCE: Klarna