Environmentalist Michael Waiyaki was extremely shocked to find out who his newest investor is. For a while now, Michael and his organisation, Miti Alliance, has been educating and engaging school children to become a new generation of nature caretakers. With a goal of planting 5 million trees by the year 2025, Michael has been getting school children to plant, grow and maintain trees successfully. Now American rapper A$ap Rocky wants to chip in and support the cause.

Through Klarna, one of the leading global payments provider, bank and shopping services, A$ap is donating a quantifiable amount of funds to Miti Alliance. A$AP Rocky, has become a shareholder of Klarna and will assume the role of company CEO for a short while. Rocky has joined Klarna’s recently launched GiveOne sustainability initiative by pledging 1% of his investment to impactful planet health projects focusing on climate and biodiversity. His choice is the Miti Alliance in Kenya.

The impact from A$ap’s contribution will be tracked on his behalf in the coming months and years.